FS20 New Big Seder Mods

This is fs 20 new big seder mods . this a full size seder for fs 20 mods. becaus all seder size is lessthen from it. it a very big and beautiful seder mods for fs 20 game. this seder mods has 2 function. one is it store seedes and other it store firtilizer for seeding crops. there for it is a ver good and big seder for fs 20 game. this seder consume more power of tractor becaus you see in photo the size of this seder it is so big you run this seder with high power tractor.


If you want to install this seder mods in your fs 20 game. you must know how to install this seder mods in your fs 20 game. becaus if you not follow all step which replace  this mods in fs 20 then you not install this mods in fs 20 game because it is necessary to know all step of replacement of this Seder mods in fs 20 game because without following these steps to you cannot replace this Seder mods in your fs 20 game. All steps in below for installing this Seder mods in you game you must follow all these steps.
  • Open your apk editor app
  • Click on select apk file from apps ( if you installed fs20 other wise you click on select apk file )
  • Find fs20
  • Click on fs20
  • Click on full edit
  • Click on all files
  • Click on files option { you see on the bottom }
  • Click on assets folder
  • Click on data folder
  • Click on vehicles folder
  • In vehicles folder scroll down and find vaderstad
  • Click on this folder
  • In this folder you see only one folder name tempoL16
  • Select this folder
  • Replace the fs20 garage mods with this folder
  • Build the game
  • Install the game
If you want to download this fs 20 Seder mods you simply click on download button and download it.

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