FS20 Map Mods | FS20 mods


How to install this map mods in your game or fs20 for knowing this information read the gievn paragraph carefully and know how to install this map mods in your game easy way.

Installation process

To install this map mods in your game first of all extract the map mods zip file and open your apk editor app or application and follow the given steps carefully.
  1. Open your apk editor app
  2. Click on select apk file from apps 
  3. Select means find and select fs20
  4. Click on fs20
  5. Click on full edit
  6. Click on all files
  7. Click on files you see on the bottom
  8. Click on assets folder
  9. Click on data folder
  10. In data folder you see a map folder
  11. Select this folder 
  12. Replace the map mods with this folder
  13. Build the game 
  14. Install the game 


To download this mods for your fs20 click on the click here to generate link and wait for 30 seconds after 30 seconds you see a download file option click on it and download this mods free.

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