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This mods only work in fs20 original map but it not work in other maps of fs20 / farming simulator 20.


FS20/Farming simulator 20 new maps traffic changer mods working in all version of fs20 that support mods it means this taffic changer mods for fs20/farming simulator 20 working on the modable fs20 version. To download the latest fs20 modable version click on the search icon of our website and search fs20 v0.0.0.81 and download the latest modable or mods supported version for fs20/farming simulator 20 free. After installing this fs20 mods in your game your fs20 map traffic vehicles change or replace with latest trucks and cars. Download and enjoy this mods.

Installation process

Step No. 01

For installation of this mods first of all extract the zip file by extracting zip file you get three files. First folder name is cars. Follow the given steps.

  • Open your apk editor app
  • Click on select apk file from app
  • Find fs20/farming simulator 20 and click on it
  • Click on full edit
  • Click on all files
  • Click on files on the bottom
  • Click on assests folder
  • Click on data folder
  • Click on vehicles folder
  • Find the cars folder
  • select this cars folder and replace the cars folder to the cars folder that you extracted 

Step No. 02

The second folder name is npc. To install this folder in your game follow the given steps carefully.

  • After replacing the car folder go back 
  • and click on sounds folder 
  • Click on vehicles folder in the sound folder
  • Click on the engine folder
  • In engine folder find npc folder
  • Select this folder and replace the npc folder with npc folder

Step No. 03

And the third file name is mapUSM_traffic file for installation of this file in your game follow the given steps and install the last file in your game easy way.

  • Go back to data folder 
  • You see a maps folder in the data folder
  • open this folder 
  • In this folder find a file with the name  mapUSM_traffic 
  • Select this file and replace this file with our fs20 mods traffic file
  • Build your game
  • Install the game and enjoy the game by using fs20 / farming simulator 20 new mods.


For downloading this mods click on the click here to generate link and wait 1 min or 60 second after 60 second click on the download file button and download this fs20 mods free from google drive link.

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