FS20 new light tree mods


The fs20 tree mods with lights are a great way to add some extra light in your sims world. These mods will make your trees look like they have lights on them at night.

The FS20 tree mods with lights are a new creation from sims modding community. They work just like the traditional trees but they add a layer of light on top that makes them more realistic and special.

This type of tree is perfect for those who want to create an atmosphere that feels magical and romantic. The lights are not too bright which means you can still enjoy looking at the stars in the sky.

Installation process

To install this mods in your game you need two application name ( apk editor and Zarchiever ). Download this applications and open your Zarchiever fike manager and extrate the mods zip file and now open your apk editor app and follow the following steps carefully and install this mods in your game very easily and easy method.

  • Open your apk ediotr app
  • Select apk file from apps ( if you installed fs20 if not installed click on select apk file )
  • Find fs20
  • Click on fs20
  • Click on full edit 
  • click on all file or partial files ( partial files is recommended )
  • Click on files option you see in the bottom
  • Click on assets folder
  • Click on data folder
  • Click on vehicles folder
  • In vehicles folder find zunhammer folder
  • Click on zunhammer folder
  • Select 18500PE folder you see in the bottom
  • Replace the fs20 light tree mods folder with this folder
  • Build the game


To download this mods simply click on the download file option and wait for 15 seconds and download your mods very easily.

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