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The Fs20 Map Mod is a great tool to help you explore map locations and find the best way to unlock them all, as well as give you tons of other amazing benefits. This mod lets you freely roam around in a big world which contains tons of locations, each map feature an assortment of beautiful locations to explore and unlock. With this mod, you can also download 5 premium maps that will impress you with great look and even better gameplay, making your gaming experience more fun.

installation process

 In this artical today we are going to show you how to install fs20 map mods. It will not take more than 5 minutes. In this tutorial i am gonna show you how to install fs20 maps mods on your game. First of all you need a apk editor tool or apk editor pro tool or apk editor pro+ or apk editor pro++ depending upon your choice.

  1. Open your apk editor.
  2. Click on select apk file from app.
  3. Find fs20.
  4. Click on fs20.
  5. Click on full edit.
  6. Click on partial files.
  7. Click on files you can see at the bottom.
  8. Click on assets folder.
  9. Click on data folder.
  10. Find and select the the maps folder.
  11. Replace the maps folder with this maps mods.
  12. And finally Build your apk.
  13. After building install this fs20.

fs 20 map mods are a collection of many maps, mods and other files. Our fs 20 map mods section contains full patch files for all our patches that have been uploaded by the community members of fsmodding.org. These files will be needed to install these maps on your game.

We offer you our fs 20 map mods, which are modified maps and add-ons based on the maps seen in fs 20. We believe that everyone should have a version of fs 20 modding he loves!
FS 20 new maps mods

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