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This is a bus simulator indonesia volvo bus mod. This volvo bus mod have many awesome features. This volvo bus mod increase your gaming experience. This game have a lot of features like the bus simulator indonesia mercedes bus mod that you see on modsray few days ago. This volvo bus mod have rgb lighting. The lighting is work very cool. This rgb lighting consists if only blue and white color. That look very cool. I hope you get many enjoyment after downloading and installing this mod in bus simulator indonesia.

How to Install

It is very easy how to install mods in bus simulator indonesia. The mods installtion method and process are describe here. Read this paragraph carefully to instal mods in the game. The installation process of all mods is same in bus simulator indonesia.

First download the mod from modsray or other websites. You get a lot of mods of bus simulator indonesia on internet. Download a mod. The mod is present in .zip file or .7z file. Extract the mod zip or 7z file. After extarcting the file you get a file that end at .bussidmod or simply in .bussidmod extension.

Note: If mods are present in .bussidmod extension (i.e: Volvo.bussidmod) than you not need to extract it. Just follow the next steps.

Copy all files present in .bussidmod extension and go to main storage of your mobile device. In main storage of you andriod device you see a folder with the name of BUSSID. Open it. In this folder you see a folder with the name of Mods. Paste all copied files in the Mods folder.

After pasting files open your game go to garage and select the volvo bus. Now your mod is ready to use or this volvo bus id ready to run.


To download this mod for your game simply click on the given download mod button and download this mod for free.

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