Volvo Bus Mod Download | Volvo Bus Mod Download For Bus Simulator Indonesia 

Volvo bussid mod are most popular bussid mods in the Bus Simulator Indonesia , There are many different Volvo bus mods available for Bus Simulator Indonesia , so players can choose the perfect Volvo bus mods for Bus Simulator Indonesia  for their needs.

Some of the most popular Volvo bus mods for BUSSID include:

  • Volvo B11R Sleeper Bus Mod: This mod adds a luxurious sleeper bus mod for BUSSID.
  • Volvo B9R Tourist Bus Mod: This mod adds a powerful tourist bus mods forBUSSID. The bus is perfect for sightseeing tours and comes with a variety of features, including a sunroof, a DVD player, and a sound system.
  • Volvo B12R City Bus Mod: This mod adds a modern city bus mod for BUSSID.

These are just a few of the many different Volvo bus mods available for download. With so many different mods to choose from, players can find the perfect Volvo bus to fit their needs.

How to set this volvo bus mod for bussid mods in your bus simulator Indonesia.

There are two steps to set  volvo bus mod for bussid in your bus simulator Indonesia I tell you both step.

First step.

  • Fast open your bus simulator Indonesia game.
  • And next see the mood option on left corner which show you on screenshot click on it.
Volvo b11r bus mod
  • After this you see the option of import you click on import button add import mode from File Manager
Volvo b11r bus mod

After this you see the button of File Manager you click on File Manager and go to your device file.

Volvo b11r bus mod
  • After this you go to main storage and click on it.
Volvo b11r bus mod

When open your main storage then you search for your mods which you install in your game for example I install volvo bus mod for bussid

Volvo b11r bus mod
  • After this you see two buttons one is free an other one is use money click any one which your choice.
  • After this you see in your garage your mods successfully installed.
  • Now you can drive it and enjoy it.

This is first step install any mods in bus simulator Indonesia this is very Long’s method.

Other mods you must download.

Second step.

  • Second step is very easy.
  • Fast you open your File Manager and search for bussid folder.
Volvo b11r bus mod
  • Open this folder and see mods folder in it.
Volvo b11r bus mod
  • Open mods folder and paste mods file beach which you copy from where you download mods.
Volvo b11r bus mod
Mod Name
volvo bus mod for bussid
Game SupportedBus simulator indonesia
File size34.1MB

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