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this is the bus simulator ndonesia car mods also known as audi a8l for bus simulator indonesia or bus simulator id. This audi car mods working in all devices in which bus simulator indonesia is working.the installation process of this mods is very simple. It means you can easily install this carmods in you bus simulator id without any problem only using one app.

Installation process

You can easily install this carmods for bussid mods in your game without any problem. This mods is installed by using two methods. First method ( recommended ) .

1. First method

You can easily install this mods in your game by using a file manager. Not require which file manager due you use. You can use any file manager due you have like Zarchiver official file amanger of your device or any file manager due you have or downloaded. To install this bussied mods in your game simply open you file manager and copy the bussidmods file you downloaded. After copying go to internal stroge and find the BUSSID folder click on this folder and you see a mods folder in this folder click on the mods folder and paste the mods in this folder. After this process open your game online and go to garage in garage change the vehicle and you see the bus simulator indonesia car mods select this vehicle and enjoy the game.

2. Second method

In the second method open the bus simulator indonesia. Click on the mods option and import the the mods file that you downloaded and pay some funds or watch ads. After this process the mods is succesfully installed in your game. Go to garage or enjoy your game.


To download this bussid mods for your game smoly click on the download button and download this bussid mods files very easily.
bussid mods

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