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This is most beautiful and high graphics fs20 map in this map graphics are very good you will try this map because this is a big map for fs20 There are large fields in this map۔
And there are many fields in which you can grow any crop you want۔ This map create for fs20 and working so good.


This fs20 new map is coded which will be found in the video below

All information about map

1) Graphics
If you have a normal device like 2gb ram and good prosser you run this fs20 map on low grafix if you solve graphics problem of fs20 you must subscribe the our YouTube channel name Urfavourite Game .
 If you have 3gb ram and a good prosser you run this fs20 map on medium graphics .You can do high graphic but the game will lag.
If you have a 4gb ram and good prosser device you will play this game on high graphics experience .

But keep one thing in mind

If you have latest version of fs20 you run this game smoothly on 2g, 3gb, 4gb and other devices if you want to download latest version of fs20 for mods you click on link to download latest version of fs20.
2)Maps characteristic
In this map every things work like road sign you see in picture if you hit any bord 
It will break and fall because this map of fs20 is full working

3)Map field

in this fs20 map you create your own field on free place in map because this fs20 new map sport to create field. For creating field you use any plow you see in picture how create field.
If you know how to create field in fs20 you watch this video
4)Map traffic 
In this fs20 new map car are run on the all road and in this map all road are very good .
5) railway station
this fs20 map a railway station with original station sounds you enjoy this map very much.
6) Map sounds
This fs20 map contain original sound of everything. Like bird sounds traffic sounds calony sounds etc.

Installation process

To install this fs20 maps mods in your game simply follow this steps and you can easily install this map miss in your game. To install this fs20 map mods you need a application name apk editor or apk editor pro or apk editor pro+ or apk editor pro++ depends upon your choice. It is very easy way to install this mods in your game. Follow the given steps and install the map in your fs20.


  1. Open your apk editor.
  2. Click on select apk file from app.
  3. Find fs20.
  4. Click on fs20.
  5. Click on full edit.
  6. Click on partial files.
  7. Click on files you can see at the bottom.
  8. Click on assets folder.
  9. Click on data folder.
  10. Find and select the the maps folder.
  11. Replace the maps folder with this maps mods.
  12. And finally Build your apk.
  13. After building install this fs20.

After installation open your game and delete all old your save games. Because in old save games it cannot work. After removing old save games. Simply play a new and fresh game. After opening the new game this maps mods is working in your game. This is the simple method how to install this map mods in your farming simulator 20.


To download this maps mods simply click on the download button you can see in the given. Simply click on this download button and download your mods after some steps.

Download File

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