FS 20 Indian tractor mods | fs20 mods

 FS 20 Indian tractor mods | fs20 mods | Modsray

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This fs20 Indian tractor mods is modified tractor. This tractor have four wheels but the engine of the tractor is connect to only two wheels. The engine of the tractor is usually connect to back two wheels. This is a Indian tractor with red and white color body. And the black color roof and mudigaurd. The brand of this tractor is New Holland. This fs20 Indian tractor mods is install by using apk editor app.

This fs20 mods have the original sound with original material. On the front we add the logo of our channel ( urfavourite Game ) and on the roof we add the logo of our channel and on the right side of roof we add the the website link. And on the back of the roof we add the modsray official channel name and logo and website url. This fs20 mods is very amazing.

We add the tutorial video of this mods. Watch this video and get full information about this fs20 Indian tractor mods. The video is here.👇👇

To install this tractor mods you open your apk editor. And follow this steps.

  1. Open your apk editor.
  2. Click on select apk file from app.
  3. Find fs20.
  4. Click on fs20.
  5. Click on full edit.
  6. Click on partial files.
  7. Click on files ( you can see on the bottom ).
  8. Click on the assets folder.
  9. Click on the data folder.
  10. Find and click on the vehicle folder.
  11. Find the caseIH folder and click on the.
  12. Replace the first folder of caseIH means replace the mods on the magnum7240Pro folder.
  13. And finally Build your fs20.
  14. After building install the game.

And enjoy your game with our mods.

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To download this mods you can simply click on the given download button and download this mods.

Fs20 mods

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