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This is fs20 new tracor mods working in fs20 modable version. This is small fs20 tractor mods. This is the messy tractor mods working in fs20 v0.0.0.81 or other due you have if it supported mods. this tractor do not have some colors like tyre colors back tyre colors and sulunser colors or some speed meter colors. this tractor include in small tractor cetagory. You can easily download and install this fs20 tractor mods in your game. Read the complete information and know how to replace this in their spefic location or place and know how to download this fs20 mods for your game free.

Installation process.

To  install this mods in your game or fs20 read this information carefully and install this fs20 small messy tractor mods in your game free or easy way. The installation of fs20 mods is readycally two different ways but we discuss only one for the installation of this this messy tractor mods or fs20 mods in you r fs20. If you install this mods in your game follow the given steps. For installation of this fs20 messy tractor in your game you need a application name apk editor if you not have apk editor click on the search icon and search apk editor in our website and get apk editor app free.
  1. Open your apk editor
  2. click on select apk file from apps
  3. find and click on fs20
  4. click on full edit button
  5. click on partial files or all files we recommend you partial files.
  6. click on files you see on the bottom
  7. click on assests folder
  8. click on data folder
  9. find and click on vehicles folder
  10. find and click on caseIH folder
  11. In caseIH folder you see a magnum7240 pro
  12. select the magnum7240pro and replace the messy mods with this folder
  13. build the game
  14. install the game


To download this mods for your game simply click on the download button and download this fs20 messy tractor mods for your game free. Click on it and download fs20 tractor mods free.
fs20 mods
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