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Fs20 new garage mods with workshop 100% working in fs20 modable version. To download the fs20 modable version click on the our website Modsray search button and search fs20 v0.0.0.81 and download this fs20 v0.81 with available mods. This garage open its all doors and turn on or off lights only by clicking on the b button of hacker keyboard. You can easily download the hacker keyboard from play store. You can easily turn on the the garage doors by clicking on the b button of hacker keyboard and turn off or close the garage doors by clicking on the b button of the hacker keyboard. The lights on off process is same like doors of garage mods.

Installation Process

To install this fs20 garage mods for your fs20 or game simply follow the following steps and install the garage mods in your game by using apk editor app and very easy way. Do follow the steps and install the fs20 garage mods in your game.
  1. Open your apk editor app.
  2. Select apk file from app if installed.
  3. Find and click on fs20.
  4. Click on full edit.
  5. Click on partial files or all files as you like but in partial files the mods is install fast.
  6. Click on files you seen on the bottom.
  7. Click on assets folder.
  8. Click on data folder.
  9. Find and click on vehicles folder.
  10. Find and click on schuitemaker folder.
  11. In schuitemaker folder you see a siwa720 folder.
  12. Select siwa720 folder
  13. Replace the mods with this folder.
  14. Build your game.
  15. Install the fs20 or game.

Enjoy the game by using the fs20 garage mods. And follow our website by following website you get the latest mods and updates first.


To download this fs20 garage mods simply click on the download button and download this mods for your fs20 or game free and with full details. Click on the given download button and download this mods free.
Fs20 garage mods

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