Farming simulator 20 or fs20 garage mods

This mods is used for fs20 it’s means this mods is used in fs20 or farming simulator 20 game. This is a garage mods also known as shed mods. This shed have very beautiful ❤️ and specific space for parking a harvester. Or this garage mods have a work shop and it also consists a light that can on by using the button 🔘. When you enter the garage you see a white color button on the face wall. Go near of this button and open your hacker keyboard and click (b) button when you click b button the light is turn on and when you again click b the light is turn of.

After installation of this garage mods you can go the shop and open brand section find lizard brand and also find your shed or garage those you installed in the game. Buy this garage is set by using hacker keyboard. The shed is moved forward by using (w) button and it’s come back or backward by using (s) button and move left by using (a) button and it’s move right by using (d) button.

You can easily install this garage mods in your game by using apk editor pro or APK editor or apk editor pro+ that you like.To Ina this mods in your game you follow this steps(given step) and you can easily install this garage mods in your game.

Note; if you not seen the complete steps so you can on your browse.

Follow the steps.

Step No.1. open your apk editor
Step No.2 click on, select apk from app.
Step No.3 find FS 20.
Step No.4 click on fs20
Step No.5 Click on partial files (recommended) or all files.
Step No.6 Click on partial files (recommended) or all files.
Step No.7 You see a file button on bottom. Click on this button.
Step No.8 open the folder name (assets)
Step No.9 open folder name (data)
Step No.10 open folder name (files)
Step No.11 find vehicle folder in files
Step No.12 find lizard folder in vehicle.
Step No.13 Find pickup 2014 folder in .
Step No.14 Replace 18500PE folder with your mods.(garage mods)
Step No.15 build your game after build install the game and enjoy


you can easily download this garage mods by the download button .

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