Fs20 car or pickup mods

Some pictures of this mods

This mods is available in fs20 game. It is very easy to install this mods in farming simulator 20. In farming simulator 20 this mods only work in some or suffice version. For example version 0.0.55 or 0.0.58 etc. It is very easy to install this mods in your game. This mods install in your game through apk editor. This app you can easily download and run in your android. We add this download link in the bottom you can click on download button and download APK editor pro version.

Apk editor.

Apk Editor

This is a pickup car mods   this is used for move seeds and others things but it come in next game updates.To install this mods in your game you can follow this steps and easily install this mods in your farming simulator 20 or fs20. Fs20 is the short form of farming simulator 20.

Step No.1. open your apk editor.
Step No.2 click on, select apk from app.
Step No.3 find FS 20.
Step No.4 click on fs20
Step No.5 Click on partial files (recommended) or all files.
Step No.6 Click on partial files (recommended) or all files.
Step No.7 You see a file button on bottom. Click on this button.
Step No.8 open the folder name (assets)
Step No.9 open folder name (data)
Step No.10 open folder name (files)
Step No.11 find vehicle folder in files
Step No.12 find lizard folder in vehicle.
Step No.13 Find pickup 2014 folder in lizard.
Step No.14 Replace pickup 2014 folder with your mods.(pickup mods)
Step No.15 Build your game and install game after installation you enjoy the game with my pickup car mods.

mods link is here.

Click on the download button and download this mods without any problem.
car mods

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