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This is fs20 new dolly mod for ateching big traler with your tractor if you went to atech you traler with you tractor you must download this dolly mods this fs20 mods is so good if you want a high performance dolly you must download this fs 20 new dolly mods becaus is working very good and lift high traler easly  and short your work you must download this fs20 mods becaus it improve your gaming exprince with this dolly you easly  move a big traler with small tractor this fs20 mods provided by Urfavourite game YOUTUBE channel if you not know about our Youtube channel you must search our channel on youtobe and see fs20 latest mods like fs20 map mods , fs20 tractor mods and other mods if you want to download this fs20 new dolly mods  you must read all replacing information about this mods which is below.


  1. open your apk editor
  3. click select apk file from apps 
  4. find and click on fs20
  5. click on full edit
  6. click on partial files
  7. click on files you see on the bottom
  8. click on assests folder 
  9. click on data folder
  10. click on vehicles folder 
  11. then search for krampe 
  12. when you finde krampe and open it you see second option dolly10L

you replace this mods in dolly10L and build you game and enjoy this mods 


if you want to this fs 20 mods review you must go our channel and see this mods video and other fs 20 new mods video HOW to download this fs 20 new dolly mods you click on download button and dowenload this fs20 mods free go on download button and download this mods you must subscribe our YOUTUBE channel Urfavourite game to get more new and latest mods for fs20

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