100m+ harder mod | Big Harder mod for FS 20

How to install this mod 

  1. Open your Apk editor
  2. When you open your apk editor you see select apk from app
  3. Find FS 20
  4. And click FS 20
  5. You see full edit click this option
  6. When you click full edit you see (Partial file and all file) you click partial file
  7. You click partial file you see under the screen file
  8. You click file and click this folders
  9. assets/data/vehicle
  10. And find (NEW HOLLAND)
  11. Click on NEW HOLLAND 
  12. You see a folder of the name (Tx32harder) and replace this folder from my mod 
  13. And enjoy

If you do not understand, see the picture below 

Mod Link 🖇️



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