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This is fs 20 new garage mods. it is a big garage mods for fs 20. it is a big and beautiful garage mods for fs 20. this garage is very beautiful becaus it is a beautiful garage and it has dubbol space for tractor parking. one is indoor and other is outdoor you see in photo this garage has 2 door but it has 4 door 2 door in it back. this garage also has a workshop for reparing your tractors and other tools. this garage mods also uplod on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL name ( urfavouritegames#2 ). if you want to see all information of this garage mods you want to see my channel. 


If you want to install this garage mods in your fs 20 game you must download it after download this fs 20 garage mods you know the informatiop of installing of this fs 20 garage mods all information geven below you must follow all these steps to install this fs 20 garage mods in your fs 20 game.
  1. Open your apk editor app
  2. Click on select apk file from apps ( if you installed fs20 other wise you click on select apk file )
  3. Find fs20
  4. Click on fs20
  5. Click on full edit
  6. Click on all files
  7. Click on files option { you see on the bottom }
  8. Click on assets folder
  9. Click on data folder
  10. Click on vehicles folder
  11. In vehicles folder scroll down and find zunhammer 
  12. Click on this folder
  13. In this folder you see only one folder name 18500PE
  14. Select this folder
  15. Replace the fs20 garage mods with this folder
  16. Build the game
  17. Install the game
If you follow all these informatin to musr install this fs 20 garage mods in your fs 20 game.


If you want to download this fs 20 garage mods ypu simply click on download button to download it.

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