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fs20 new carmods download free without any problem 100% working in the old version of fs20 like version v0.0.0.60 or v0.0.0.65 but it not working in latest version of fs20 like v0.0.0.81. This is the important information of installing this carmods in your fs20. This is very beautiful carmods for farming simulator 20 or fs20 with all colours. It means it have all of their colors like tyre colors interior colors and outerior colors. This carmods for fs20 have their orignal sound working in your fs20 old version. Remember that this carmods for fs20 not working in the latest version of fs20 its only work in the latest version of fs20. It is very simple to install this mods in your game to install this mods in your game read the installion process paragraph carefully.

Installation Process

For installation of  this fs20 mods in your game you need a application name apk editor. If you do not have apk editor click on the searh icon in our website and search apk editor you see the the results and download the apk editor app free. To install this mods in your game follow the given steps carefully and install this carmods in your game easily.
  • Open your apk editor
  • click on select apk file from apps
  • click on fs20 after finding
  • click on full edit
  • click on partial files
  • click on files you seen on the bottojm
  • click on assests folder
  • click on data folder
  • click on vehicles folder
  • In vehicles folder find the lizard folder
  • In lizard folder you see a pickup2014 folder
  • select this folder
  • replace the folder with carmods
  • build your fs20
  • install the game

That is very simple method to install this game mods in your game easy and fast.


To download this carmods for fs20 hit on the given download button and download the fs20 mods easy or simple way from google drive links.
fs20 mods

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