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fs 20 map mods
This is fs 20 new map mods with download link. this is a beautiful and large size map mods for fs 20 game. it is a big fs 20 map mods with full high grafix. you see in all photos the grafix of map is very good and better then other maps mods. all road singe work in this map for example you hit a singe with yiur car you see that the singe is broken. all things in this map mods is working very good.
fs 20 map mods                                                               
The farm in this map mods is so big becaus this map mods is also big therefor map farm is so big size. in this map mods you have a big garage and house. you see in photo you have a big garage. you have another garage in this map. you have many garage in this fs 20 map mods.
fs 20 map mods
You see in photo the area of you farm is so big. there is one house one garage and a cow farm whith all things. you a lot of vehicle like tractors cultivators trollys and water tanks and other tool  for cow farming.
fs 20 map mods                                                                 
You see in photo this is a cow farm for you in this fs 20 new map mods. it is a big farm for cows and it has every things for cow farming like tractors water tank etc.
fs 20 map mods
this is a other garage photo you see it garage for tools like  cultivators plowers and trolly etc. and other side of garage there is a farmsilo for stor of your crops.
fs 20 map mods
You see how big this map for fs 20 game. there is very bigs fields in this map for farming your crops and etc.


If you want to install this map mods in your fs 20 game first you download this map mods and then follow all these steps to install this mods in your game.
  • Open your apk editor.
  • Click on select apk file from app.
  • Find fs20.
  • Click on fs20.
  • Click on full edit.
  • Click on partial files.
  • Click on files you can see at the bottom.
  • Click on assets folder.
  • Click on data folder.
  • Find and select the the maps folder.
  • Replace the maps folder with this maps mods.
  • And finally Build your apk.
  • After building install this fs20.


If you want to install this fs 20 map mods in you fs 20 game  you must download it. for download this mods simply click on download button and download this fs 20 map mods.

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