FS20 Electric Dicycle Mod


This is a mod for FS20 or farming simulator 20. This is a electric dicycle mod for fs20. Electric dicycle is a vehicle that is similer to a cyclr but it consists of electric motors that run it. This electric dicycle mod for fs20 present in full texture or good quality. This mod also increase your gaming experience. You can easily download this mod from modsray and the installation method of this mod are describe given below.

Mod NameFS20 Dicycle Mod
Game SupportFS20 OR Farimng Simulator 20
File Type.zip
File size2MB

The download and installing information of this mod are describe given below.

How to install

For installing this mod in your game you first need to download this mod zip file. You can easily download this mod zip file from click on the given Download Mod button. After downloading file Go to you download folder of your andriod device.

In Your download folder find the mod zip file with the name FS20_Electric_Dicycle. Long press on this file. And extract this file. After extracting this mod file close your file manager and open the apk editor.

After opening the apk editor. You see a option or button with the name of Select apk file from apps.

Note: If you already installed the Fs20 than select this option.

If not installed FS20 than click on the select apk file option or first option.

And Find the FS20. After finding fs20 click on it. After click on it you see a option full edit. After clicking on full edit you see two option. 1. All files 2. Partial Files. Click on second option partial files. After clicking on it you go to a next screen. In this screen in the bottom menu you see a option with the name of files. Click on it and locate or find this path: assets/data/vehicles/zunhammer/18500PE . After finding this path you see a tick mark option on the 18500PE folder.

Select this folder and replace the mod files with this folder. The replace button you see in the bottom or fotter menu. After replacing the mods file with this folder Build your game. After the buildness complete you see a install option. Click on it and install the game. If Game is succesfully installed and working that mean this mod is now working in your game carefully.


You can easily download this fs20 or farming simulator 20 mod by click on the given download mod button.

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