FS20 Garage mod


This is a garage mod for fs20. This FS20 garage mod consists of many features. These features include the workshop, garage lights etc. This garage mod consists of a small shelterbut you cannot park vehicles in this shelter. This garage mod provide you some awesome features that you do not seen in other garage mods. Like you can open doors in this garage. If you not know how to open doors and turn on lights of this garage mod than read the follow information first.

Mod NameFS20_Agramark_American_Garage_Workshop
Game SupportedFS20 or Farming simulator 20
CreditUrfavourite Games
File Type.zip
File size16MB

This mod functions

This garage mod include many functions. If you not know how to operate this functions than read the given information carefully and know how to work this garage functions. This garage funstions include the door opening and lights functions etc.

How to open this garage doors and turn on lights

If you bnot know how to open this garage doors. Than you first need to install the hacker keyboard or gamepad keyboard. You can easily get boths from playstore. After downloading and installing a keyboard out of which. Go to the setting of this keyboard. In the setting of this keyboard You see a notification keyboard option. Turn on this feature.

After turn on this feature you see a notification in the notification bar of you mobile device. Now open your game and go to shop. In shop you see a option select by brand. Select this option. And find lizard brand. In lizard brand you see this garage buy it. After buying this garage go to notification bar of your device and select the or click on the keyboard notification.

After click on it you see the keyboard. If you click on (w) button the garage is move forwrd and if you click on the (s) button than the garage is move backward. If you click on (D) button than garage move right and if you click on (A) button than garage move left.

How to install

To install this garage mod in your game. First download the mod and go to the download folder of your device. Extraxt the mod zip file. And open your apk editor and follow the given steps.

  • Find the fs20 in your installed apps or from storage in apk editor.
  • Click on fs20 and slect full edit and than Partial files
  • You see a option of files in the bottom
  • Click on this file option
  • Afetr clicking on this option go the the this path: assests/data/vehicles/zunhammer/18500PE
  • In this path select the 18500PE folder and replace the mod files or folder iwth this folder.
  • Build your game and install the game.
  • Now enjoy the game


To download this mod click on the given download mod button and download this mod for free offcourse.

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